Monsoon Season In Las Vegas Lead To Home Owner Damage: Do You Have A Record Of What You Own?

The Las Vegas monsoon season is here. These monsoons cause flooding and other damage to your home like roof leaks and power surges. These things can cause damage to your major appliances, furniture and even clothing.  

There is an easy way to make your insurance claim experience easy and quick. Take 20 minutes once or twice a year to take pictures of everything you own. When you purchase large items, snap a photo and keep all of these photos in an email file. Keeping receipts of larger items is smart as well but sometimes in these situations, the receipts get ruined. 

Take photos of all of your rooms at different angles. Take photos of all jewlery and the insides of closets and drawers. You can never have too many photos. Just email them to yourself and create an insurance file. Then you can delete them from your phone. Your insurance adjuster will be thrilled to have a detailed record of your belonings and this will help your claim get expedited. #lasvegasmonsoon #homeownersclaim #insuranceclaim


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