Monsoon Saftey

Southern Nevada’s 2018 monsoon season may to be wetter than normal, prompting warnings for residents to be ready for potentiallydeadly flash flooding.

A new long-term forecast this week said there is up to a 40 percent chance that the seasonal rain and thunderstorms in the Southwest will be heavier than normal this year.

NO ONE THINKS IT WILL HAPPEN TO THEM BUT IT ONLY TAKES SECONDS TO BE CAUGHT IN THE FLOOD WATERS. Please listen to the following suggestions, it could save your life. 

  1. Never drive through a flooded street, even if it APPEARS to be shallow. These waters can sweep your car away for miles.
  2. Stay in your car and pull over to higher ground.
  3. Never try to walk through rushing water. This water can move 30 mph and WILL sweep you off your feet.
  4. Stay out of standing water. It can be filled with bacteria and underlying dips and holes in the ground.
  5. Get off the golf course.
  6. Get out of the pool


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