Las Vegas Drivers Beware This Halloween

Be aware that kids will be outdoors trick or treating, especially in residential neighborhoods.

Drive slowly and be prepared to stop when children are present.

Watch for kids darting out into the road from between parked cars.

Be very cautious turning into driveways and backing out, especially where hedges and bushes may block your vision; watch for kids on the sidewalk.

Watch for pets that may be running loose. They may be frightened by the noise and costumes.

Know that dark costumes may present visual challenges for drivers; watch for kids with and without reflective tape on their costumes.

Be aware that masks and head gear may restrict a child’s field of vision.

Don’t expect kids to watch for motor vehicles; kids and many adult pedestrians trust drivers won’t hit them.

Be especially careful at intersections where kids may be crossing the street. Take extra care around blind corners.

Be careful in parking lots where stores, malls and churches may be giving out candy on Halloween.

Be aware that kids and pedestrians may be out well after dark on Halloween walking to and from parties.

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