Five Easy Ways To Protect Your Identity While Shopping This Holiday Season

1. Computer Security: Update anti-virus, firewalls and anti-malware softwareon all your computers regularly. 
2.  Online Shopping:  Do business with websites and businesses you trust. If you shop for gifts while out of your home, be sure you are using a secure Wi-Fi instead of public wireless access. Use a credit card rather than a debt card for online purchases because credit cards are protected under The Fair Credit Billing Act.
3. Holiday Contests:  Online contests can be a source of computer viruses. Know the sites that you are clicking on before you click or enter any personal information. 
4. Phising and vishing scams:  Learn how to identify these scams by paying attention to emails from financial institution, the IRS and retail marketing groups asking for personal information. No credible company or agency will ask for your personal information via email or phone call. 
5.  Go Direct:  You might receive emails that display amazing deals at websites or stores you typically shop at, but don't click on the link in the email. Go directly to their website. Identity thieves create clones of store websites by using email links to steal your information. 
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