Basic Marketing Essentials For Contractors


1. Connect –  Use LinkedIn to show off your portfolio, skills, and projects. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are great ways to keep your business relevant and in the forefront. 

2. Show Your Expertise -  Use LinkedIn groups to answer questions, or pose questions. Offer to write articles for information sites, and contribute to industry bulletin boards.

3. Web Presence – A company website is an important tool. Writing a blog is another great tool. 

4. Email newsletters -  newsletters are great because they’re filled with content topics that interest you and are delivered to your inbox in seconds. They’re typically free of charge and an easy way to keep up to speed with what’s going on in your industry or trade.

4. Social Media –Having a strong social media presence is essential today. Utilizing Twitter, Facebook and Instragram keeps your business relevant and in the forefront. 

5. SEO – You should take measures to increase your website rankings. Regularly update your site with good quality content. Including a blog is very helpful. Try the SEOMoz beginner's guide to SEO optimization.

6. Reviews – Ask clients and colleagues to provide testimonials to use on social media, or as references for recruiters/clients. Once again, LinkedIn is the perfect place to do this – you can pick and choose which recommendations to include in your personal profile. A great review profile starts with your service.  Keep in mind that everything you do, from showing up on time for an estimate to properly invoicing the job, influences your marketing.

7. Direct Mail- This is still a great tool for marketing your business. Make the investment into a designer that will give your company an edgy, professional look. 

8.. Interpersonal Relationships – Although technology is an important tool, there is nothing like building and nurturing face to face relationships. Continue meeting with your contacts and staying in touch on a personal level. 


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