Back To School Stress

Sending your kids back to school these days can be extremely stressful and worrisome. Whether they are in elementary school, high school or college, there are various situations that can cause a parent and a child to be worried whether they are in the Clark County School district or private school. 
´╗┐Between bullying, gun violence,social pressures, choosing a college, getting good grades, etc., the best way to deal with this stress is to be prepared ahead of time by having a game plan.
Talking to your kids EVERY day about what is going on at school and in their life is crucial. Getting back to family dinners has proved to help families deal with issues together and helped kids deal with stress. 
  • Discuss bullying and give them a plan on how to deal with it and to report it. 
  • Be diligent in watching your kid's social media to be sure they are not being bullied or shamed.
  • Ask them how their day was and sit and talk with them about friends and experiences at school.
  • Make sure that the extra-curricular activities they are involved in are things that they want to do and not things they feel pressured to participate in. Pressure to keep up grades and be the best at all their activities can take their toll on your kids. 

The most important thing is to keep communications open, non-judging and safe for them to come to you with any issues they may have. 

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